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200 North Broadway, Ste. 110, Wichita, KS 67202

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Welcome to The Hive

Hello, sweet bees (and bees to bee)!

Here's the crucial info you need to know when visiting us...

PARKING: Park in spot marked "The Hive" in the Orpheum parking lot off Broadway. When approaching from the parking lot (headed south on Broadway), we are the very first door on your left. You'll find our windows covered in honeycombs!

DOOR ACCESS: If you're a coworking member, use the Proximity app and click "keys" then press the circle with the lock in it and listen for the click. Engage the door and push a little hard (old building). If you're a community member, you'll need an appointment to visit us outside of an event. Please ring the doorbell when you arrive for your appointment and we'll buzz you in!

Network: The Hive Wichita
Password: thehivewichita

RESTROOM: Follow the yellow brick road to our first bathroom. Did you know we have a second bathroom? Walk through the copy room and turn left.

PRINTER: If you're a coworking/private office member, you have access to 50 black and white copies per month. If you'd like to print, the best option is to use one of the flashdrives we keep near the printer. If your computer doesn't take a flashdrive, just email the document to yourself as a PDF and pull it up on our computer in our recording studio to print from there. If you're a private office member, contact Andrea about getting your computer hooked up directly.

MAIL: Coworking/private office members can have their mail sent to The Hive and use our address as their business address everywhere (except for your Google my business listing). Just have the person sending address mail as:
The Hive Wichita c/o
[your name]
200 N. Broadway Ave.
Ste. 110
Wichita, KS 67202

Want to send outgoing mail? Drop it in the vintage mailbox between the elevators in the main Orpheum space!

Upcoming events

Events at The Hive

September 11th, 2020 to May 31st, 2026

You can see all our one-time and ongoing events on our Facebook page under events. Most of our events are member-only, however anyone's first time…

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5. Main Space

FREE 15 Min. Meet with a Lawyer

Danielle Cornejo from Martin Pringle is available on Mondays from 8:30 to 10:00 AM for free 15 minute Q&A sessions individually with members. Please select a 15-minute window during that timeframe.

3. Workshop Room

1. Conference Room

2. Recording Studio

4. Semi-Private Meeting Table


200 North Broadway, Ste. 110, Wichita, KS 67202
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